Specforce Alpha

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Is the flagship workout program in the Specforce system.


Specforce Alpha

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Specforce Alpha bodyweight-only training system is originally designed to help special operators in the field stay at the top of their game

It is the flagship workout program in the Specforce system
The only tactical fitness system created by a real-life operator for a year round alpha-male physique, status & confidence without the punishing Special Forces lifestyle.

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Specforce Alpha

“Challenges turn into goals which turn into habits. Habits turn into character–and character define a life. The challenge helped solidify my habits. This is part of my life goal to remain fit, healthy, and injury free (mostly) throughout my life–regardless of age.”

Jake M.Specforce Transformation contestant

Specforce Alpha

“These are the methods that saved me from a skinny fat mess to getting back into the ops world and climbing to former leader of an elite SWAT team…”

Todd Lamb SWAT Team Leader

Specforce Alpha

“I am more confident walking around with my shirt off. In my mid-forties, I get compliments on how great I look compared to guys my same age”

Nicholas MAlpha Transformation Contestant

Specforce Alpha

“I have lost substantial amounts of fat and replaced it with lean muscle. As a result, I don’t feel nervous anymore when I’m headed to the beach or a pool party”

Chris LAlpha Transformation Contestant

Specforce Alpha

“Todd Lamb is an inspirational figure, very much needed in today’s sissification world. I have been a leader all my life but took me to get to 65 to finally manifest that in a physical level.”

Reinhard FAlpha Transformation Contestant

Specforce Alpha

“Physical things aside, as I said above, the main changes are in my mind. I’ve been paying attention to the things that run through my mind that normally are on auto, especially when it comes to my interactions with others and the choices I make.”

Mirius B.Specforce Transformation Contestant

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