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Question: Are You Sick and Tired of Suffering from Embarrassing Sexual Performance, Failing to Fully Satisfy Your Woman in Bed, and Not Knowing Why?

Did You Know That… Ancient Chinese Emperors FEASTED on Very Rare ‘Secret Foods’ that Helped Them Experience:

High Testosterone Levels, Ferocious Libido, and Unstoppable Sexual Performance, Well into ‘Old Age’…

…They Kept this Secret to Themselves, Giving Them Incredible Sexual Vigor
Allowing them to Satisfy Vast Harems of HUNDREDS of Women (Who Were Usually Half Their Age, or Less)!”

…Good News: Today YOU Can Use These Exact Same ‘Secret Foods,’ that 99% of Americans Still Don’t Know About, to Boost Your Testosterone, Support Healthy Circulation ‘down there’ and SUPERCHARGE Your Sexual Performance…

1. Are you sick of struggling to perform in the bedroom, failing to totally satisfy your woman?

2. Would you like to have Healthy, Optimal Testosterone Levels, God-Like Sexual Power, and Rampant Sexual Performance… so you can make any woman Hot and Wet ?

How Much Would You LOVE to Be Able to Screw Your
Woman Senseless…

Every Night of The Week, Making Her Cum HARD, Over
and Over Again… and ‘Finishing’ By Giving Her
a Truly Huge Load?

“Why Are So Many Men Struggling to Maintain
Healthy Testosterone Levels, Strong Libido, and a High
Level of Sexual Performance?

The truth about the current ‘Pussification’ of men is UGLY. There are very few Alpha Males left in the world right now.

In this day and age, very few men can even fully satisfy their wife or girlfriend by the time they get to middle age, let alone an entire Harem of women (like the Ancient Chinese Emperors did).


“Sexual energy? Is that even a real thing?”

The short answer is:

“YES. Yes it is.”

hard rock hard rock

You can feel it when you’re in the presence of someone with A LOT of Sexual Energy. Sometimes it’s called ‘Animal Magnetism’…

Elwin Robinson… a Master Herbalist had me start taking some Ancient Eastern ‘SuperHerbs’ in very, very specific quantities.

He also explained to me their history, how these ‘SuperHerbs’ were actually the Secret Foods that the Ancient Chinese Emperors would use to give them incredible Sexual Vigor – allowing them to satisfy a vast Harem of HUNDREDS of women (who were usually half their age, or less)

And, when I tried these Superherbs…

This is when the Magic happened in the Bedroom…

I remember Helena – an exotic Dancer – telling me that I was the most ‘Beast-Like’ Lover she’d ever been to bed with. Nothing was off limits.

I rode that girl ALL NIGHT LONG.

Sarah was an accountant.

You might think accountants would be BORING in bed – but she SCREAMED in delight, and came so HARD her body shook, and toes curled, when she saw the size of my massive load!

And Jenna?

Well, she was a real Dirty Girl.

21 years old.

Body like an athlete.

She couldn’t get enough. After fucking her 5 times in one night – in every way you could possibly imagine – I told her:

“Enough. I need a rest girl”

She agreed that I’d earned it – because I’d given her 17 orgasms during intercourse just that night, leaving her shaking and trembling on the bed, BEGGING me for more.

I’ll save more stories for another day…

But, I think you get the idea.

The Superherbs Elwin gave me were like a MIRACLE

What Is This Powerful Formula?

It’s called Rock-Hard Formula.

The Superherbs in
Rock-Hard Formula
WILL Also:

  • Increase your Muscle Mass and Decrease your Body-Fat Levels – giving you a more Manly, Lean and Alpha Physique (Note: when you Boost your Testosterone Levels – things like your Muscle Mass and Strength INCREASE easily – assuming you’re also eating well and exercising)
  • Build overall Health and Wellness (dramatically improving the quality of your daily life)
  • Give you more ENERGY and increasing your PRODUCTIVITY – which increases your chances of being successful (and we all know women find successful men highly attractive!)
  • Make your Skin, Hair and Nails look incredible (something women notice and find incredibly attractive in a man. So, if you want more sex – this is a very good thing! 😉
  • Support and Detox your Liver (particularly important if you eat and drink a ‘less-than-perfect’ diet)
  • Improve Dental and Oral Health (let’s face it… women love a guy with a healthy smile. And aches and pains in your mouth are about as fun as a kick in the nuts)
  • Increase your physical STRENGTH – so long as you also do some resistance based exercise (helping you to become a more Dominant, Alpha Lover – and making day-to-day tasks much easier and less stressful on your body)
  • Significantly increase your levels of Confidence, Drive, Determination, Motivation and Assertiveness (Hint: Higher Testosterone Levels give you these traits, and Rock Hard Formula helps you have Healthy Testosterone Levels!)

“Healthy Testosterone Levels, and
Your Best Sexual Performance Ever
or Your Money-Back – Guaranteed”

hard rock

Honestly though, I know you’re gonna love Rock-Hard Formula. Because it’s gonna help you:

  • Ensure your Testosterone Levels are Healthy and Optimal – giving you the kind of ‘Sexual Power and Performance’ that causes your woman to SCREAM your name night after night (Note: every woman wants a man who can perform like this – yet very few guys can)
  • Arm yourself with a Strong Libido (just like that of a Horny Teenager) – meaning you’ll always be ‘in the mood,’ willing and able to completely SATISFY your woman (giving her totally addictive, mind-blowing orgasms. Every. Single. Time)
  • Experience incredibly Intense and Pleasurable Orgasms, and blow the most MASSIVE and HUGE Loads of your entire life (giving your woman the BIGGEST ‘Money Shots’ she’s ever seen!)
  • While also causing you to experience:
  • More Muscle and Strength, and Less Body-Fat (making you look and feel much better when you’re NAKED!)
  • Greater Energy Levels – helping you to stop feeling ‘tired and exhausted’ all the time (while also allowing you to become more Productive and get more done)
  • Plus…
  • Confidence that’s off-the-charts (because, and very few people know this – Healthy Testosterone Levels are the #1 thing that gives a MAN his CONFIDENCE!)


This product comes with 5 bonuses

Worth $220.97

Yours for FREE when you order Rock-Hard Formula today.


Rock-Hard Formula is a proprietary blend of the highest quality, most potent SuperHerbs on the Planet…

He Shou Wu

10:1 extract powder

According to NaturalNews.com He Shou Wu is the most amazing anti-aging and longevity herb of all – and can be used to increase sex-drive, fertility, sperm count and build semen volume (even in old men).


10:1 extract powder

SupermanHerbs.com detail some exciting benefits of Cistanche – including an increase in sexual power and performance in men.

Tribulus Terrestris

10:1 extract powder

Of the many benefits, listed on Smart-Publications.com, that men can get from Tribulus – the following are probably of most interest… it’s a Natural Testosterone-Booster that improves Sexual Performance, and Sexual Satisfaction.

Horny Goat Weed

10:1 extract powder

On gnet.org there is detailed explanation into how Horny Goat Weed can: increase ‘Sexual Appetite, boost Testosterone Levels and increase Energy in men. It’s also one of the most powerful Aphrodisiacs in the world.

Goji Berry

12:1 extract powder

Over on HerbWisdom.com there is an explanation into the huge number of benefits Goji Berry can give you – including improvements in Sexual Function. These improvements occur because Goji encourages blood flow around the body.

Nettle Root

10:1 extract powder

According to LostEmpireHerbs.com Nettle Root can be of benefit to the health of your Prostate, Joints, Blood Sugar Levels, and Skin. And, perhaps most interestingly – Nettle Root has been shown to support healthy Testosterone Levels.

Eucommia Bark

10:1 extract powder

Superfoods-for-Superhealth.com explain how Eucommia Bark is a powerful strengthener of the Reproductive System, and stimulator of the Sex Glands and Organs. They also detail how this Superherb can increase ‘Sexual Interest and Desire.’

Morinda Root

10:1 extract powder

MdIdea.com explain how Morinda Root can be used to strengthen male Sexual Performance and Power. And they show studies that prove it.

Salvia Root

10:1 extract powder

Salvia Root supports healthy blood circulation around the body. This is explained on DragonHerbs.com. Healthy blood flow is required for a strong Sexual Performance, hence the reason why this herb is important for any man wanting to fully SATISFY his woman in bed!

Nothing Else

No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings added. Sugar FREE, Trans Fat FREE, Soy FREE, Gluten FREE, GMO FREE.

No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings added.


No artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings added.

Sugar FREE
Trans Fat FREE
Gluten FREE


YES. (100%) There are no artificial preservatives, colors, flavoring, fillers or other additives.

Will it help you have an Incredible Libido, and Massive, Pussy-Satisfying Sexual Performance?


Will it help you blow HUGE loads?


Is it great value?

YES. As I’ve explained, there’s nothing else out there like Rock Hard. Any alternatives you might find, are either toxic, ineffective, or both. Rock Hard is the only product out there that keeps working long-term, and actually works better the longer you use it for.

So, in comparison to every other option available to you, most of which are a waste of money, and some of which are outright dangerous…Rock Hard is the Best Value option available…BY FAR.

So, what are you waiting for?

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